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Major Surgery Form

Major Surgery Form

Client Full Name

Surgery Consent Form

Intravenous Catheter

All patients undergoing major surgery with general anesthesia will have an IV catheter placed and will receive IV fluids during all surgical procedures. This helps minimize the risk of general anesthesia and provides us with direct IV access in case of an emergency.

Pre-Anesthetic Lab Work

Your pet will be undergoing major surgery under general anesthesia today. In order to recognize any underlying abnormalities your pet may have. which may put them at a greater anesthetic risk, we require a pre-anesthetic blood profile run on your pet. This consists of a CBC, which will check blood cells, and a chemistry panel, which will check blood glucose, protein, and kidney and liver function. These blood tests will help us to assess the health status of your pet more completely and determine if there are any additional precautions we need to take before surgery. If an unforeseen problem becomes apparent on the bloodwork, surgery may not be performed at this time. If your pet has had bloodwork in the past 30 days, we will not need to repeat blood test today unless deemed necessary by the Veterinarian.

Pain Management

Appropriate pain medication is routinely given to the patient before all surgical and dental procedures. Pain medication will also be prescribed to be given at home.

Total & Authorization

I understand the current estimate for today's procedure, this amount may change.
We will do our best to stay at or below your budget, but if unforeseen treatments are deemed necessary by the veterinarian and go over your budget listed, we will call you for authorization.
Name of owner or agent
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