Exotic Animal Veterinary Services

In addition to your typical domestic pets, DRVC treats  many exotic animals and their unique healthcare needs. 

Birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, nonvenomous snakes and ferrets are all welcome at DRVC to receive the best in exotic veterinary services and care from our specially-trained exotics veterinarians and technicians. Our array of exotic veterinary services have grown with the increasing popularity of exotic pets. Your reptiles, birds, small mammals, or fish may be a bit more unique and unusual than the cats and dogs your neighbors own, but that doesn’t mean you must sacrifice receiving the highest standard of veterinary care!

We have performed surgery on chickens, radiographs on macaws, dentals on rabbits, castrations on oppossums, even exploratory surgery on a tiger. We treat sugar gliders, chameleons, hamsters, rats, serval cats, tortoises, and more. So let us know if your pocket pets or reptile have a need!